The Zeus Custom 59FIFTY

The Zeus Custom 59FIFTY

The Zeus is made in collaboration with our dear friend Brian Kajiyama in honor of his service dog Zeus. We will allow him to explain:

My dog, Zeus, is not only a beautiful Labrador Retriever, he is a service dog, trained by Assistance Dogs of Hawaii (ADH). Assistance Dogs of Hawaii is a non-profit organization that trains dogs to be skilled companions, courthouse dogs (trained dogs help children have less anxiety), therapy dogs for hospitals, and service dogs. All dogs are provided to individuals at no charge, meaning that ADH relies on donations to help defray any expenses.
Additionally, some dogs are participating in a trial to have dogs detect Covid-19 by smell!
Zeus helps me pick up items I might drop. He’s definitely helped me pick up some caps over the years!!
I’ve had Zeus for about 12 years now and he’s become family, along with being my best friend. He attends every class I teach at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, along with any faculty meetings. Everyone who comes in contact with him becomes instantly happy, so if he’s not with me, the first question is, “Where’s Zeus?!” So, I’m very aware where I stand on the totem pole!
Thank you to the Capologists for coming up with this concept and asking me if I’d be fine with it. Some proceeds will go towards ADH, so it was a very easy answer.
Thanks again to The Capologists and everyone who orders the cap. Your support is greatly appreciated! - Brian Kajiyama

Crown: Black / Button: Black / Under: Kelly Green

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