Aces High - "Camo"Custom 59FIFTY

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Aces High -  "Camo"Custom 59FIFTY

Back by popular demand! Aces High!

We’ve teamed up with one of our favorite collaborators again, John McNutt. So we will let him explain it:

Hey Gents / Ladies over the last few months Leon, Tony and myself tossed around ideas about saluting servicemen/women from all branches of the service. When you join the service, everyone is an infantryman and everyone has a good luck charm. Mine happened to be the ace of spades. Also, every service person wears their dog tags and ours has a special twist with The Capologists logo!! I hope everyone loves the hat and has a Merry Christmas! - John McNutt

Crown: Woodland Camo / Under: Dark Green / Flag: Camo
100% Cotton